Best Spinning Rods 2022

Your fishing experience becomes more delightful if you have one of the best spinning rods. Whether you are on a fishing trip or you are a professional angler a good spinning rod marks its importance in every aspect.

Although many brands offer a wide variety of good spinning rods but selecting “the best” makes it tricky because just buying an expensive rod does not mean it is the best Spinning rod as rods may vary for different species for example spinning rods for trout, rods for bass, or different locations and many other factors matters a lot. Our top 10 picks will not only serve you as a guide but will also save your time from endless searching…

best spining rods

Top 3 Picks of best Spinnings rods 2022

Ugly stik tiger elite spinnning rod
Ugly Stik Tiger Elite
  • Light weight
  • comfortable to use
  • affordable price
  • 7 years warranty
St Croix Spinning rod
St. Croix Rods Premier
  • Lighweight
  • Cork Handles
  • both small and big fish catch
  • Fast Action
best medium heavy spinning rod
Okuma Celilo Ultra-Light
  • ultra light design
  • graphite blank
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Amazon Recommendation

best Spinning Rods for 2022

best budget spinning rod

best spinning rod
  • contains 35% more graphite than predecessors
  • EVA grip
  • available in various sizes
  • Rod power from medium to heavy
  • 7 years warranty

   Ugly stick tiger elite spinning rod contains 35 % more graphite which leads to a strong rod with length ranging from 4’6’’ to 7’6’’ resulting in increased sensitivity and great pulling power. It is also recommended for deep-sea fishing due to its unbreakable and strong components. The material of its handle contains Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) making its grip easy and strong.

Ugly Stick tiger elite 1 piece rod makes a good combination with Daiwa BG 5000 reel with 65lb Braid or Penn 6000 Series reels. Its users have been satisfied with its performance and rod power varying from medium to heavy spinning rods. Many anglers are impressed by its flexibility, and strong but lightweight rod helping them target a large catch even in heavy water. Moreover ugly stick’s fishing rods contain 7 years of warranty which also attracts the buyers’ attention.

The best thing about these rods is their comfort or ease to hold which is not only because of the comfy handles but all other factors its construction material, its availability in different lengths, sizes and powers collectively rises its vote to be a must added rod to your 2022 rod collection.

These rods are strong and they are sensitive so the slightest tough by the fish will never be neglected by the angler and more are the chances of a successful fishing day.

  • Perfect for full day fishing as they are super lightweight rods
  • Comfortable to hold
  • The rod comes with very affordable price
  • A bit uncomfortable to bring on long travelling trip as they are one piece rods
  • carbon construction
  • cork handles
  • Kigan master hand 3d Guides
  • Fuji DPS reel seat with frosted silver hoods
  • Kigan hook-keeper

ST Croix Premier Spinning rod’s construction makes it different from other regular spinning rods. It’s carbon construction serves as an exceptional alternative to other fiberglass and graphite rods.

They are rigid, tough, and strong enough to help you with your big catch. Its comfortable cork handles offer a strong grip on your spinning rod so you can ast all day long. It is best for fast fishing.

Moreover its 6 feet rod length with medium rod power performs fast action and provides you full control over the rod and you can catch bass, nothern pike and trout with this allrounder rod.

Its Fuji DPS real seats with frosted silver hoods are fixed over the rod to set your reel with your rod for a perfect fishing setup thus ST Croix upgraded the rod while maintaining the classic properties.

The best thing about the rod is its sensitivity which increases the chances of a good catch. Even in rocky water conditions the rod steals the show, it is strong but still light as feather.

You can pair it with Shimano Stradic or Daiwa Saltist both are tested with positive results.

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This rod can be considered the best medium-heavy spinning rod as ST Croix has a fantastic variation in rods with rod power from ultra-light to extra heavy.

  • Perfect for all type of fishing
  • The rod is lightweight
  • It’s weight and handle make it comfortable to hold during fishing
  • reel seats keeps coming loose
  • expensive than Ugly Stik Elite

best trout spinning rod

best spinning rod
  • Sensitive graphite blank construction
  • Ultra-light design
  • handy cork grip fore and rear
  • aluminum oxide guide inserts
  • Stainless steel hook keeper
  • Corrosion-resistant

Okuma Celilo ultralight Trout Spinning Rods are ideal for catching trout, perch, and panfish with 6’6 feet in length, making it all set for your perfect trout fishing. Its weight is half as compared to the other light spinning rods.

Its aluminum oxide guide inserts make it corrosion-resistant so a versatile rod that is suitable to use in different water and weather conditions.

The cork handles make it easy to use and handy. Its smoothness in action, reliability, and durability raise it’s users’ satisfaction, and thats why ranked among the list of popular fishing rods.

This model comes with six different variations in it. The ultralight design of this rod makes any size fish a fun battle.

It has the smoothest casting experience over the water and has a good hook setting power. So what makes it not to add in the best light spinning rods’ list.

  • The rod comes with good casting distance
  • Perfect rod for trout fishing
  • One of the Amazon’s recommended product
  • Some users experienced tip breakage

best spinning reel and rod

best spinning rod
  • graphite and fiberglass construction
  • machined double anodized aluminum spool
  • lightweight EVA grips
  • ideal for anglers of all level

Again an Ugly Stik’s product with a big fan following as Ugly Stik is a pure fishing brand popularly known for its quality fishing gears among anglers. It is an upgraded and modern addition to the classic Ugly Sticks.

The Ugly StikGX2 spinning rod comes with 2-piece rod construction and its fiberglass and graphite construction combination makes it a strong, lightweight, and flexible rod.

It is one of my favourite rod and I will definitely recommend this to the beginners because again an amazing rod with powerful features which is easy to use and perfect to use in differrent conditions in such an affordable price range is a perfect rod to take start with.

The rod handles comes with EVA grips to add comfort moreover the rod’s cosmetics are upgraded which gives rod an attractive and modern look.

It is durable and sensitive at the same time so it lets you feel the slightest fish bite to your bait and being strong and sturdy helps you fight with the fish. It is a long-lasting product and will be your fishing partner for a long period.

It is quite affordable in price as compared to Ugly Stik Tiger Elite and also maintains its heritage and meets modern traditions of popular fishing rods.

  • Price is relatively lower than Ugly Stik Tiger Elite
  • It is durable and sensitive spinning rod
  • This rod fulfils all the modern gear requirements
  • Old users still prefer the previous models
  • Not a perfect rod to use with braided line

best Shimano spinning rods

best spinning rod
  • Aero glass blank construction
  • Aluminum Oxide guides
  • Full cork grip
  • Solid locking graphite reel seat

Are you seeking a good alternative option to an expensive rod for a good start ? Here is the best solution I have for you.

SHIMANO Solora series is designed as an ideal startup package for fresh anglers to learn the skill. Durable Aero glass blank construction, aluminum oxide guides, and full-length cork grip set it compatible to join the best 2-piece spinning rods group even at a cheap price.

Its rod construction makes it flexible, durable, and comfortable to use even for people of all ages.  Its medium power helps in performing fast action fishing.

Like all other professional and expensive spinning rods these rod also have reel seats which perfectly tights down your reel.

A perfect rod for bass and saltwater fishing and as it is a 2-piece rod you can easily carry it on your fishng trips. Moreover its a long lasting product which not only maintains its cosmetics but also performs its best each time you cast it.

Adding more to its features the rod is sensitive to feel the nib of the fish hence proving itself as a wise option to pick this rod not just for the beginners but for the professionals too.

  • It is an easy to use rod especilly for beginners
  • It is quite affordable to take a start with
  • A reliable, long lasting product
  • It requires regular maintenance
  • The rod weighs more than other spinning rods
  • It is less flexible as compared to other rods

best value spinning rods

  • Aluminum oxidized fiberglass rod
  • Cork handle
  • 1 Ball Bearing Reel with DIGIGEAR
  • smooth in action

           Daiwa rod combo is simple, easy to use, and popular among all its users due to its affordable, budget-friendly price with incredible qualities. It comes with fiberglass rod construction. As fiberglass rods are very well known due to their flexibility, less maintainability, and affordable range of prices. This rod fulfills all these as expected.

It is strong and sensitive enough to catch largemouth bass even many beginners used it for catching bass, trout and crappie.

Daiwa rod combo comes with a minimum 6 feet long fiberglass rod and a 2000 size reel so you wouldn’t have to worry about the perfect pair for the rod.

It is perfect for beginners to control and manage. Its gripped cork handle makes it comfortable to hold even with wet hands. Moreover it is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

So, if you are going out for a fishing trip, whether you are a beginner or a professional angler Daiwa D-Shock spinning rod will prove itself the best of all among other expensive spinning rods.

Daiwa D- Shock spinning rod can be ranked as the best travel spinning rod.

  • A budget-friendly combo
  • It is a lightweight and easy to use rod
  • Its easy to maintain this combo
  • Perfect startup package for freshers
  • The slip joint is loose
  • On the strong cast top blank can slide out

best travel spinning rod

best trout spinning rods
  • 24 ton carbon matrix graphite construction
  • EVA handles
  • Stainless steel guides with SiC inserts
  • Unique 2 piece design

This one comes with 24-ton graphite rod blanks which means more the graphite more stiffer the rod is. It has smooth stainless Steel Guide. Its 2 piece structure makes it easy to carry on your trip. They are newly designed travel rods so they just perfectly fits even in a small car.

It’s a smooth and fast action rod and with comfortable EVA handles it just offers a smooth fishing operation. It is best for both fresh water and saltwater fishing rod and you can catch both small or heavy big catch.

The best part about this rod is that all these incredible features don’t affect the rod’s weight it is still a lightweight rod and a perfect rod to catch bass, trout, and walleye.

Its stainless steel guides with SiC inserts enhance its super smooth action, avoiding line sticking into the guides. The variety in this spinning rod among lengths, power, action, and handles ensures maximum effectiveness. These good spinning rods are ideal for game fishing.

  • Suitable for gamefishing
  • Perfect for catching variety of species
  • Inexpensive fishing combo
  • No long term warranty is available with this product

best freshwater spinning rods

  • Aero glass construction
  • Full-length EVA handles
  • Ultralight fast action

One of the worth buying entries into the list of best spinning rods. Shimano is well known for its quality products. But Shimano FX 2 piece freshwater spinning rod has made its place in a very short time among others with its remarkably cheap price and quality features.

Its aero glass construction which make this rod lightweightand flexible and the EVA handles make it a good choice for both beginners and professional anglers. Its combination with Zebco 33 micro trigger spinner is recommended by its users.

It also serves great for casting long distances. Shimano FX Spinning Freshwater Fishing rod is among best fishing rods in the market at a minimal price. It’s a worth buying product which will not dissapoints you in any fishing condition.

  • An unexpensive rod
  • Suitable for different fishing conditions
  • Offers long casting distance
  • Perfect for both professionals and beginners
  • Not suitable for bass fishing

best spinning rod brand

best spinning rod
  • Constructed with a mixture of 24T/30T carbon
  • High-quality aluminum reel seats
  • Stainless steel hoods and guides
  • Tough and reliable
  • EVA handles

A modern and advanced fishing rod constructed with a mixture of 24T/30T carbon blanks which enhances its strength, and durability and makes it lightweight and easy to handle rod. It is one the most reliable and popular fishing rods with light extra fast action, 7 guides +tip, and cork handles that make it comfy.

There are almost 10 variations in this PENN’S spinning rod with differences in length, casting weight, and number of pieces. These rods are fitted with high-quality aluminum reel seats with stainless steel hoods and steel guides with LTS rings.

A very lightweight spinning rod perfect for inshore fishing. It’s just a treat for fishermen to have such a wide variety of spinning rods.

  • It is a strong and reliable rod
  • One an catch big heavy fish with it
  • Perfect to use with mono line
  • Tip breakage is faced by some of its user
  • Not suitable to use with braided line

best heavy spinning rods

best spinning rod
  • Heavy-Duty Cross weave graphite
  • Heavy Duty Guides with Solid Stainless Steel Tip
  • Built-in Hook Keeper
  • Comfortable EVA Rod Handle
  • Strong Solid Glass Tip
  • 6 feet length
  • Medium-light power

As per the name the Zebco Rhino Tough spinning rod is 2 piece fishing rod constructed with layers of heavy-duty cross-weave graphite for a tough and stable blank design. A lot of fishing adventures are on the way as its strong graphite is surrounded by the fiberglass core in combination with the strong solid glass tip which adds durability to the rod.

The rod is perfectly designed to tackle a big fish its handles are specially designed for this purpose so an angler will be super comfortable even when fighting with a tough catch.

Its ability to hold a line weight of 4-10 pounds and a lure weight of 1/16-1/4 ounces proves it perfect for both light and heavy species from panfish to trout, walleye, bass, and more. Its extreme toughness, heavy-duty strength, all-day comfort, and versatility in use have marked its popularity among users.

  • Strong and tough rod
  • Fast Action Rod
  • Stiff Guides

Buying Guide for choosing a good spinning rod

You should consider all of these factors before buying a spinning rod


According to me, the first thing to consider is the material used for rod construction. It can be fiberglass, graphite, a mixture of both (composite), or carbon fiber. Fiberglass rods are the least expensive and less powerful as compared to graphite and carbon fiber whereas graphite rods are popular for being light in weight, more powerful, and most sensitive but relatively more expensive. Composite rod lies in between graphite and fiberglass offers a good option for anglers to buy an economical rod. Carbon rods are alternatives for fiberglass and composite less flexible but strong.


The length of a rod decides rod casting distance. The longer the rod is, the more it casts a longer distance.


The circular loop of metal that is affixed to the length of the rod are fishing rods’ guides. Their basic function is to keep the line separate from the rod. A general way to check a guide is sawing a line through the guide if the line breaks, you should go for searching a guide.

Stainless steel guides can be considered worth buying guides as compared to aluminum oxide or silicon carbide guides.


Power describes how much pressure or force is required by an angler to bend a rod. Rod power comes in different variations from light to heavy e.g. Ultra-light, medium-light you can choose it according to the size of the catch.


The action of the rod means how the entire rod bends from top to bottom while lifting up a weight. This action is called rod flex. The more the rod flexes, the slower the action is. Fiberglass rod falls in slow to medium action class while graphite rods are as usual in fast action class.

best baitcasting rods

Rod Handle

The rod’s handle is one of the most important things to consider. Handles should offer a good grip and should be comfortable to hold by anglers. Handles are often of two types cork and EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) both offer firm grip.

Line and lure weight

Line weight refers to the weight that can be handled by a rod normally expressed in pounds. This weight varies for different rods whereas lure weight refers to the weight for loading a rod upon casting, too much heavy lure can cause your line breakage.

Final Thoughts

This whole guide is presented you with a proper search as we want to give the best we can. Only a popular brand and its higher price doesn’t decide that the rod is worth buying. Even many local brands’ rods with lower prices can serve as the best spinning rod for you. Last but not least one suggestion from me is to clean your rods and reels with fresh water after every time you use them because the salt in the water may cause damage to your gears. Hope you find this guide helpful.

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